Dirt Roads Network Representing Rural Ministry With National Leaders

Pastor Steve sharing the vision of Dirt Roads Network with Wesleyan leaders from around the country.

Pastor Steve sharing the vision of Dirt Roads Network with Wesleyan leaders from around the country.

God is blessing Dirt Roads Network with favor and influence in The Wesleyan Church.

Several months ago, Dr. Wayne Schmidt, the General Superintendent of The Wesleyan Church, invited me to join a team to help envision the next steps of The Wesleyan Church. The pastors on the team represent different ministry contexts and are all active in church planting. We are serving in Hispanic, urban, inner-city, suburban, and mega-church, and para-church settings. We are called the “Z-Team” because we represent different kinds of zip codes.

We joined both the “X-Team” which is the executive cabinet of The Wesleyan Church, and the “Y-Team” consisting of District Superintendents and business leaders. All together there are around 25 of us. We spent the last two days praying and strategizing together.  

While our contexts were very diverse on the Z-Team, we quickly discovered that we had the same heart and same mission. We hit it off quickly. Each of us see the need for workers to be sent out into the harvest field. We are all missionaries. All of us are asking God to show us how to develop and send workers into the our harvest fields.  

An example of how we see ourselves would be to look at the Marriott Corporation. Every single Marriott hotel has the same mission and core values. However, how they achieve the mission and live out the core values is determined by the costumers they serve. For example, if you stay at a Sheraton, Four Points, Fairfield, or Westin hotel you can expect cleanliness and friendly service. But you will quickly see differences in the way these different Marriott brands fulfill those core values.

In the same way, all of us Z-Team pastors are dedicated to The Great Commission. Together we seek to send out workers into the harvest field. At the same time, the way we reach our zip codes is unique to our settings and contexts.

It was truly a blessing to sense that unity of spirit and represent rural ministry in this dynamic setting.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support! With the favor of God and your help, Dirt Roads Network is on its way to becoming a national ministry with influence across North America. A special thanks to the congregation in Lamont for being so gracious as I am in this season of traveling. Your service is blessing country and small-town churches in significant ways.

Steven McVey