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Many times, rural pastors feel isolated and unappreciated. The ministry they do is hard. The results are not always seen on denominational reports. There are very few training events geared to address the challenges he or she faces.

Dirt Roads Network is dedicated to change that by celebrating and inspiring rural pastors- it’s our passion.

Every aspect of Small Place: Big Impact Conference is specifically designed for pastors and church members in rural areas.


General Admission- $50

Attendee Plus Spouse- $80

*Includes Meals



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Steve McVey

Founder of Dirt Roads Network, conference and seminary speaker, advocate for rural ministry, and long-time pastor in Lamont, Kansas (Population: 28).


Dawn & Doug Routledge

Founders of Crossroads Farm, a multi-site interdenominational rural youth ministry in Reading, Michigan (Population: 1,078).  They have studied rural culture for twenty years.  Doug serves on the strategy team of Rural Matters Institute and leads Rural Church Institute, a training ministry for rural pastors.


Andrew & Kara Hurlburt

Current co-pastors of Lamont Wesleyan Church.  They lead a rural church revitalization in North Carolina before coming to Lamont.  


Mark Adams

Mark grew up in St. Louis and has successfully led a youth ministry in rural Kansas. He then served as a campus pastor in the same rural setting. Mark is currently planting Embrace Church in Emporia, Kansas for Dirt Roads Network.


Jason & Laura Hurd

Jason and Laura serves as pastors of Gordon, Nebraska (Population: 1,800). Jason is working co-vocationally as a music teacher. Laura is a freelance writer and owns a home-based business. Jason and Laura carry a deep love for rural North America and believe strongly in its potential for spiritual renewal, vitality, and growth.


Shaunna Surgeon

Worship leader of Lamont Wesleyan Church for several years; she and her husband, David, also led youth ministry. They were part of the leadership team that planted Radiant Life Church in New Strawn, Kansas (Population: 4,000). Dave and Shaunna are currently launching The Watershed in Iola, Kansas (Population: 5,300).

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Friday October 4th

1:30-2:30- Registration

2:30-4:00- Session One

The Rural Calling- Steve McVey

The State of Rural America- Laura Hurd

Rural Teens- Doug Routledge

4:00-4:30- Break

4:30-5:30- Breakout Sessions

The Agrarian Mindset- Steve McVey

Rural Youth Ministry Track- Doug & Dawn Routledge

5:30-7:00- Supper

7:00-8:30- Session Two

What Am I Doing Here- Mark Adams

These People Matter- Steve McVey

8:30-9:30- Ice Cream

Saturday October 5th

8:30-9:00- Breakfast

9:00-10:30- Session Three

Panel One: What Is Working Today

Panel Two: The Challenge of Implementation

The Rural Missionary: Kara Hulburt

10:30-10:45- Break

10:45-11:45- Breakout Sessions

Developing Relationships- Andrew Hulburt

Rural Youth Ministry Track- Doug & Dawn Routledge

Coaching & Accountability Networks- Steve McVey

11:45-12:00- Break

12:00-1:00- Session Four

Compelled to the Harvest- Steve McVey

1:00- Grab and Go Lunch

Time for Questions and Answers

Crossroads Wesleyan Church

220 W 17th Street, Imperial, Nebraska