Our Mission

Establish a network of rural, disciple-making, life-giving, transformational church plants throughout the heartland.

Develop a residency program for those specifically called to rural ministry and rural church planting.

Create a collective of rural-church planting networks across the country that share common values, best practices, and fuel each other’s passion.

Encourage rural pastors around the country by providing resources for rural-specific training and conferences.


Our Core Values

Prayer: We believe that all great moves of God begin with prayer. Jesus modeled this for us by first praying for workers before sending them. Prayer will be the driving force behind Dirt Roads Network.   

“Ask the Lord of the harvest”


Discipleship: Jesus’ way of living brings peace and hope. Discipleship is the way we learn to obey Jesus’ way of living. Our goal is to introduce interject peace and hope in rural America through discipleship.

"they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd"


Missional Living: Every single disciple of Christ is a missionary, commissioned by God. We seek to affirm, equip, and inspire, those called to be missionaries in rural areas.

“send out workers into his harvest field.”


Rural people matter: We believe that all people matter to God. Our calling is to reach those in rural areas and small towns.

“Jesus went through all the towns and villages”


Urgency: Rural America is in urgent need of the Gospel.  We will not settle for comfortable lives. Instead, we will be missionaries to rural America.

“When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them.”


Dirt Roads Network is an evangelical, bible-believing, network of Wesleyan churches. We fully support The Wesleyan Church’s Articles of Religion.  

Women in leadership and ministry. We believe the whole of Scripture teaches that God’s giftings and calling for ministry are not dependent on gender. We will actively encourage women and men to pursue the calling God has placed on their life.

Kingdom over partisan politics. Our mission is to usher in the Kingdom of God on earth. We will promote justice and advocate for the poor, but our churches and leaders will not promote political parties or candidates. Our beliefs and causes will be biblically based with no regard to partisanship. We choose to have a prophetic voice rather than a partisan voice.  We intentionally choose to be peacemakers in the divided countryside we are called to reach.

Essential ecclesiology. The church of Jesus Christ comes in many different forms. House churches, missional communities, and traditional American church models are all legitimate expressions of the church. We allow each congregation to form in a way that best enables them to fulfill The Great Commision.

Freelance and bi-vocational missionaries. We fully affirm the worth and importance of ministers supporting themselves through other employment in order to serve in rural settings. Other forms of employment often provide connections to the community and relieve some of the financial strains involved in rural-church planting.  

Our Beliefs